Monday, December 21, 2009

I wonder.. I realized...

Huh! It's 3 o'clock in the morning at my friend's house.. i couldn't sleep yet..dunno why..just checking my fb...not in a good mood for chatting... just seeing the people that i'm interested to talk to...anyway, thanx to pu3 n yan giving me a space to sleep at your house n using ur pc till morning.... sucks!! no electrical in my house since i'm back from work at 9.30pm....grrrrr... ermm... just wanted to say something in my blog... i'm not in a good mood today... so tired back from work maybe.. feeling a lil bit down n dissapointed.. tired being of a good girl...good friend to some peoples that i love... i gotta feeling that i'm so so so &#@$@!%$&*....huhuuhuhuhu..
I couldn't know but wonder at times, why a good girl always ends up with a bad guy, while a good guy ends up with a bad girl... Life isn't really fair at times... Seems like two good people with pure intentions don't find their way. Sigh... Does real love exist?I wonder why someone who isn't too pretty has a lovelife, while someone who stands out from the rest, couldn't get the love she deserves. I realized that ending up being a spinster isn't a choice... Sometimes, it's destined to happen... sad, but true...
I realized that one's looks don't determine her fate in terms of love...

I hope I could be happy everyday, but I know it can not, so I sit here t to write this word down and hope it could be. I hope I could do everything I want to do, but I know I’m one of the human beings, I must do what human beings can do, but my mind can’t be restricted, so I sit here to think something I can not do.
I hope I could have millions of millions money so that I could do nothing but eating and sleeping, but I know it maybe also tired to thinking what to have of my breakfast, lunch and supper, how to be comfort during my sleeping, so I haven’t that money, and sit here to d some meaningful things, such as working.

I hope I could be living forever, but I know everybody in this world will die, therefore I can only sit here in order to live better.

There is not all we hope can become true, so I hope what I hope.... :)

~Babelicious Masz~

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